I take pictures and create photo art because it brings me great joy.

I like “macro” photography.  It is the study of things up-close.  I love color and I love detail.  I like to be able to take pictures that people may not even see if they were in the same place as me.  I try to find 30 minutes a day to pull my car over somewhere and look for a place that I might find interesting things.

… but it isn’t just taking pictures that I love:

It used to be that you would shoot pictures, then develop your film, make a contact sheet, and develop prints.  Digital photography gives me the instant gratification my personality demands, but with so much of the work removed I was looking for a greater challenge.  It was then that I discovered the art of mixing the beauty of color with the elegance of black and white.  I have “developed” my own style by blending these two styles together.  For now I call it “Isolated Color”

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